Why blog? Why now? Perhaps the reply is best summarized in the quote by Joseph Campbell, author of “The Power Of The Myth” when he said ““We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” I wouldn’t say I grew up imagining a life blogging given that blogging didn’t even exist in my childhood. I did have all kinds of aspirations. Astronaut, Racecar Driver, Helicopter Pilot, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Pharmacist. Those are just some highlights of the ones that have stayed in my memory though assuredly there were more. Ultimately, we are all captive to certain inescapable realities which intervene in our destiny that we cannot, in fact, should not discard. The truth is that I’ve already been journaling online for a decade. (See here for one of those past life adventures that I find especially entertaining) As it has for many, it started with discovering Blogger as a convenient way to share updates with friends and family. Then, as my family relocated across the country several times, I moved to other social media sites and got overwhelmed with navigating everyday life.

In those days, I had long lists of plans and mental notes; even sketches on napkins suggesting that by this time in my life I would be enthusiastically returning to a more traditional workplace. But life happens, and try as I may to plan ahead, sometimes, indeed most often, my best-laid plans must be altered. Here I am homeschooling instead, blessed to be spending precious time with my sons, and it is what I need to be doing right now while advancing my education. Most days I feel insufficient, ill-prepared and find myself desperately disorganized- wishing that I would be wiser, richer, savvier and altogether more together. But plans are not promises, and wishes are not plans so instead of the life that I predicted, I’ve come to embrace and even find pure joy in the diversion of rising to the occasion. I do feel fortunate that I have always gotten by as a striver, experimenter, explorer, adapter… although even on my best days I’m only average.

Reading other blogs has uplifted me; empowered me to believe in new possibilities, inspired me to try harder, listen longer, care better and reveal more. Previously, I guarded and censored my musings; referring to them quietly and usually for personal reflection or entertainment. I’d find myself glancing through hastily scribbled notes of all the big ideas and fleeting interests that surfaced in my mind on a daily basis, and I’d keep those thoughts together tangibly in private journals and notebooks. By pouring out all of my excess mental energy into those scattered little random pieces casually penned to paper from between my two ears, I found I could sleep better at night and think about other matters more clearly. None of that information ever escaped the two raggedy covers of those old diaries. Eventually, I’d usually only rediscover those stories in the midst of moving or the throes of cleaning and organizing. Well, at least in the attempt to be clean and be organized, not easily achieved by a clutter-bug like me.

To be certain, I still revert to solitude when sorting through tough times, creative aspirations or sifting through just the right words to try and state my intentions on a subject. Blogging online, I have slowly discovered, is its own form of therapy. It’s like living and breathing out loud with transparency and surrendering to the wisdom and criticism and communion and mercy of others. It’s a momentary departure from the two ears and four walls that isolate me, and it’s a meager glimpse into my reality which admittedly is part myth, part mirror, part magic and part mediocre. It’s an escape from frustration and an opportunity to learn, to grow and to share. This is the place where time has delivered me, indifferent to my best-laid plans and half-baked dreams. In lieu of a swanky office or fancy job title, I’ve been searching for something meaningful,  or maybe just something tangible. The traditional path hasn’t been available, and for that, I am fortified. It just took me more than a few years and a lot of struggles to notice.

Thank You for joining me here in this cyber journal where I hope that we are able to connect and share in ways that make life better. Trying to determine what topics to write on has been quite a challenge. I think that ‘miscellaneous’ is the best choice but that would be too hard to decipher much value from so the following is what I have come up with (embracing that my intentions and efforts are futile until they’ve been approved by the goals of higher power).

-Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

-Health & Wellness

-Style & Atelier

-Home & Garden

-Business & Philanthropy

-Travel & Adventure

-Adversity & Overcoming

Hopefully, these interests will be shared by others and together we can carve out tools for greater understanding and methods for making the world a better place. At the very least, I welcome the kinship of spirit and the opportunity to attempt the improvements with others.

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