Autumn has arrived and this time of year always ushers in reminiscent feelings along with the brisk gust of a reality check that year-end is rapidly approaching. I know in my soul that setting New Year Resolutions happens just around the corner. But what about the Resolutions I set last year? Have I achieved them sufficiently to count them? Do I still have work to do and how much longer will I need? Perhaps I need to reevaluate and contemplate on how well I did with my goal setting strategies.

All my life I have notoriously overcommitted to as many things as possible and this habit is something that haunts me as I write this. If I could just pick one thing and do it well, wouldn’t that be great? But it never really follows like that for me, even when I set mindful goals. Inevitably, there is some unpredictable disruption or interference or distraction that falls in my path to betray my good intentions. But I’m not a person who longs for simplicity and the mere mention of living life as a minimalist is enough to induce visions of straight coats, padded rooms and mush for every meal.

“Please! Please! Just help me be organized and efficient so I can actually accomplish all the things I long to in this lifetime.” I find myself begging with the universe. Audibly, I begin to hear my life clock ticking loudly whenever I spend too long in a lull. I begin calculating the average lifespan and dividing how many years I likely have remaining. Then I start sorting and prioritizing my bucket list. My mind is very active in the same way that opening too many windows on a computer can sometimes cause it to lock up. I overwhelm myself with organizing so many thoughts that I can feel frozen by fighting the analysis paralysis. As a result, my home and surroundings often suffer and reflect the activity in my thoughts. A neat freak, I am not. The epitome of the creative clutter-bug is what defines me no matter how hard I try to escape being labeled.

Last year, in my awareness of this obstacle, I adopted not just resolutions, but also a personal theme. My theme for 2017 has been “IMPERFECT.” It’s the first time I’ve adopted a personal theme and I must say I am most happy with the decision. Giving myself the opportunity to fully embrace IMPERFECTION has liberated me from counterproductive conventions I wasn’t previously aware that I tirelessly maintained without reciprocation or, in some cases, even reason. How does it happen that I am just now discovering this as I approach my first half-century of living and breathing? My plate is full; overloaded with family life, student life, private life, friendship, business, networking. Let me just add blogging because I am curious and committed to an entire year of this experiment at which time I will reflect and reassess my efforts.

2017 is wrapping up in just around 90 days and 2018 can now be seen on the horizon. I making a pledge to sticking with this exploration project and developing it as time and circumstances permit. I’ll be researching the subject of blogging but also my many other interests that I am eager to explore with old and new audiences. It will take dedication and time management and I will need to schedule and juggle my time to achieve it. I’ll be learning new technology and developing new networks in the process. I’m eager to see where it leads. But I know already, the one essential element that will see me through is one I am defining right here and right now as my theme for 2018 which will be…PERSERVERANCE!

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